I will taste
the Hida beef
of the toddler

In our shop, Kuroge Wagyu breeds raised mainly in Hida region mainly in Hida beef, we handle beef of the fourth grade or higher which is regarded as a high grade centering on the highest grade 5 grade. Hida beef steak Shabu-shabu, beef-tapping, handful sushi etc. We are preparing abundant Hida beef dishes.


Hida beef
Japanese steak

150g 3,700yen~

Because it is fresh, you can enjoy it without spending too much fire. Please also taste the sweetness of the fat of the meat firmly. A state of rare slightly recommended is also a simple seasoned steak, Please let us know if you wish to bake.

※ All our prices are tax inclusive.
※We will charge 200 yen separately for rice.


Sashimi& Tempura
set meal


Seasonal vegetables raised in Hida Takayama and fresh sashimi and tempura of Hokuriku, Recommended set menu that you can taste various ingredients.


Hida beef shabushabu

Hida beef sukiyaki & vegetables


〆のご飯&うどんRice & Udon noodles
※Rice is 200 yen separately,
udon separately receives 300 yen.

100 g 3,900 yen~

※ You can order additional meat and vegetables.
For details, ask the clerk.
※Pork shabu-shabu can also be prepared.

If you enjoy the taste of tasty delicious beef, We recommend steaks and shabu shabu. Please pass me the fresh Hida beef quickly and taste the sweetness of the meat fat firmly. Simple steak is also popular. Please inform us about burning.

Bowl of rice dishes

It is popular menu for lunch with bowl which you can eat easily. Although it is a limited time such as tourists, Recommended for those who want to eat delicious food.


Hida Beef Bowl
1,600 yen

(Donburi, Miso soup, kounomono)


Hida beef with yakiniku rice
1,900 yen

(Donburi, Miso soup, kounomono)

※Salad can be added separately at 300 yen.

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Miyagawa's morning begins from the Edo period, and since the Meiji period, farmers' wives
Fresh vegetables collected locally started to line up.
Fresh local vegetables, fruits, flowers etc. I enjoy the season's season.


Takayama Jinya is a government office that became the base of control since Hida became the territory of the shogunate in the Edo period.
Main buildings of this age still remain here only throughout the country.


I spent the same time as the big ginkgo, which is over 1 200 years old, the precincts where the triple tower rises,
There is a bell tower gate which is said to have been moved from Takayama castle.

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